What Andrew is reading – AFL, AFLW and the ACL

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Melbourne based orthopaedic surgeon Mr Andrew Chia shares what he is reading. This time it's looking at ACL injuries in AFL and AFLW.

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Andrew has two young daughters, one loves to read and the other loves sport. In this post, Andrew wanted to combine both his girls loves, reading and sport!

According to this study conducted in 2013, female athletes are at a 3.5 times risk of sustaining a non-contact ACL injury compared with males. Research has shown that this gender discrepancy results from differences in neuromuscular adaptations and biomechanics related to landing techniques.

Andrew read an article published this year that aims to summarise the incidence of ACL injury in both men’s and women’s Australian football. It also discusses the injury mechanism and risk reduction strategies and evaluates return to sport outcomes after ACL reconstruction surgery.

After reading this article, Andrew has promised to spend more time with his “sporty girl”. He’s planning on working on her movement skills, football-specific preparation, education, strength and conditioning and individual preparation. Wish her luck!

He has also promised to read the article with his “booky girl”, wish her luck too!!

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