Elective Surgery is back

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Melbourne Hip and Knee surgeon Andrew Chia is thrilled elective surgery has recommenced.

Mr Andrew Chia hip and knee surgeon melbourne

We have rescheduled most patients who missed out on elective surgery during the lockdowns. It’s been a tough couple of years for patients waiting for elective surgery. We hope elective surgeries continue as this is a sign our public system is coping.

Andrew continues to see patients with hip and knee concerns. We are thrilled that we can offer surgery dates within 4-6 weeks for joint replacement. As well as arthroscopies of the hip and knee within 2-3 weeks. Also, we are able to accommodate urgent arthroscopies sooner.

Elective surgery with the Best Orthopaedic hip and knee surgeon

Most hospitals are now back at 100% allocation of theatre time to elective surgeries. The theatre teams at The Bays Hospital, Epworth Freemasons, Epworth Richmond and St Vincent’s private who all work closely with Andrew have been so supportive of our practice and more importantly our patients.

A big thank you to

Our caring and compassionate physicians, Dr Edmund Wong and Dr Prakash Nayagam who have been working with our patients before and after their elective surgery for joint replacement.

Our wonderful anaesthetists, who make sure our patients have no memory of their elective surgery!! Dr Jane Fitzgerald, Dr Michelle Natividad, Dr Beng Oh, Dr Arthur Cheung, Dr Bertie Weitkamp, Dr Stuart Skyrme-Jones and at The Bays, Dr Alistair Bishop and Dr Tony Stambe.

Our amazing surgical assistants who help Andrew to ensure the very best outcome from elective surgery. Dr Kathy Yu, Dr James McLaren, Dr Bianca Scottney, Dr Terence Heng, Dr Paul Shortis, Dr Eugene Goh, Dr George Giagoudakis, Dr Liam West and Dr Michael Giummarra.

Most importantly, our patients undergoing elective surgery.

At ARTHRO Health, our goal is to return you to a more pain free and active life.

Contact our rooms should you wish to discuss hip or knee surgery, we are here to help!