Orthopaedic Hip and Knee surgery – Professional Development during COVID

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Lots of things have changed during COVID even the way professional development is being delivered. Delivering information on total hip replacement, total knee replacement, knee and hip arthroscopy through ZOOM was new for Andrew and the team at The Bays Hospital.

Orthopaedic Hip and Knee surgeon

The Bays Hospital recently invited Andrew to present to various GPs and allied health professionals based around the Mornington Peninsula on his advice for treating hip and knee conditions during the current lockdown. With the current restrictions on total hip replacement, total knee replacement and arthroscopic surgery, Andrew discussed ways to bridge the gap and ease patients’ pain between now and surgery.

Anterior total hip replacement and Partial or Total knee replacement

Many of Andrew’s patients require total hip replacements or total or partial knee replacements. Andrew presented to the group on strategies for patients who are in pain awaiting this type of surgery. He spoke about the benefit of pre habilitation for both hips and knees prior to surgery to optimise post surgical results as well as the use of medication, injections and supplements.
Andrew also spoke about the anterior total hip replacement method he uses with a bikini incision. Andrew has pioneered the bikini incision for anterior total hip replacement at The Bays Hospital. He discussed the tools available to GP’s and allied health professionals to ensure patients are ready for knee replacement surgery.

Hip Arthroscopy and Knee Arthroscopy

As with joint replacement, most hip and knee arthroscopic surgery is currently on hold. Andrew discussed the importance of working with GPs and allied health professionals to develop plans for patients awaiting surgery. There is much that can be done to alleviate pain and prepare patients both physically and mentally for surgery.

Cheese and Wine

While presenting via Zoom has its challenges, it was made a little easier with the enjoyment of some lovely local Mornington Peninsula cheese and wine courtesy of The Bays Hospital. A special thank you to Redhill Cheese for the lovely cheddar and camembert and Foxeys Hangout and Paringa Estate for the wines.

Need Help?

Please contact our rooms if you require any assistance dealing with painful hips or knees during the lockdown.
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