2021 – What’s happening at ARTHRO Health

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2021 at ARTHRO Health

Anterior hip replacement
  • Our getting to know you series is back!
  • We will be sharing with you “What Andrew is reading”.
  • Hip and Knee replacement surgery and arthroscopies
  • Patients and our team are in our East Melbourne and Mornington rooms
  • Our patients, their passions.

At ARTHRO Health our goal is to work with you to return you to a more pain-free and active life.

After a very different year last year, we are hoping to share more of Andrew’s wisdom and experience with you in 2021. The next few in the getting to know you series will be focussed on that great joint – the Knee, the one most of us ignore until it reminds us it’s there with that “ouch”.

We often find Andrew after a long day in theatre, “relaxing” by reading an interesting article on hip or knee preservation, new advances in hip or knee replacement or sometimes just a great novel. Our getting to know you series focuses on you, the “What Andrew is reading” is an insight on him.

2020 was the first time in many of our lifetimes that elective surgeries were put on hold. Now that elective surgery has recommenced Andrew can perform Anterior Total Hip Replacement and Hip Arthroscopies as well as Total and Partial Knee Replacement and Knee Arthroscopies. We have increased Andrew’s time in theatre to allow for patients to have their much wanted surgery earlier.

At ARTHRO Health, we love creating a warm and welcoming environment for our patients. We hope to share with you some of the fun things that happen here and of course the stories from our patients on the impact that their hip replacement, knee replacement or arthroscopy has had on returning them to a more active life.

Our patients are a talented bunch, from authors to musicians to activists to avid gardeners and bakers. We want to share the things they are passionate about with you.

As always, in our practice, the process of improving your health always starts with a conversation, we look forward to many with you in 2021.