What Andrew is reading….while he’s not cycling…and what he’s listening to when he is cycling….

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If you've seen Andrew outside our rooms in East Melbourne or Mornington in lycra, we hope you assumed it was because of his love of cycling. Find out what he's been reading to keep cycling at his best.

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As you may know, Andrew donned the lycra in 2020 and has become a completely obsessed cyclist. He often cycles from our rooms in East Melbourne to The Bays Hospital in Mornington. Andrew has completed some amazing cycling events and has many more booked into his diary including Amy’s Great Ocean Road Gran Fondo.

He has found a few cycling podcasts that keep him entertained and remind him that he is not a professional rider. At home, it’s often zwiftcast. When he’s training for a race it’s the Ask a cycling coach podcast. A browser search on his desktop reveals a number of cycling blogs he follows including cycling tips and the cyclist magazine.

He also found some time to write a bit about cycling and orthopaedics. Take a look at our post – if you love cycling and don’t want to see an orthopaedic surgeon…..

Hip and Knee Surgeon cycling
Andrew arriving at our rooms in East Melbourne

As always, if you’d like to discuss any orthopaedic concerns with Andrew, please contact our rooms, we are here to help.