Elective surgery restrictions October 2021

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Elective surgery restrictions and how we can help at ARTHRO Health

Elective surgery restrictions 2021

We have been informed that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all elective surgery in Victoria’s private hospitals will be reduced by 50%. These elective surgery restrictions will have an impact across all hospitals and surgeon’s practices.

Rest assured that we are working closely with St Vincent’s private East Melbourne, Epworth Freemasons, The Bays and Epworth Richmond to maximise our operating lists. Fortunately, as Andrew Chia operates extensively at each of these hospitals, we will aim for all of our existing surgeries to continue at either the confirmed time or within 2 months of that, depending on both clinical considerations and patient preference.

Andrew will continue to perform anterior total hip replacement, total and partial knee replacement as well as hip and knee arthroscopies for as long as the current restrictions remain in place. As always, Andrew uses minimally invasive techniques to return you to a more pain-free and active life.

For those of you who have met our Practice Manager, Damien Gardner, you will know his exceptional organisational skills are being put to great use right now! He is our key point of contact for hospitals and patients. Damien is also working closely with our allied health teams to keep patients in the best health possible. Andrew is also available to all of our allied health partners to answer questions on keeping patients healthy while they wait for surgery.

A big thank you in particular to all the physios, osteos, chiros and sports physicians working with our patients. Without their exceptional skills, our aim of returning patients to a more pain free and active life would be so much harder.

Should you have any queries regarding your upcoming procedure or would like to schedule your procedure, please contact our team to discuss.

At ARTHRO Health, we are here to help.

Stay Safe and Stay Well.