ARTHRO Health’s four legged friends

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Meet ARTHRO Health's four legged friends.

Animal assisted therapy in Anterior Hip Surgery

At ARTHRO Health we love having patient’s come through our doors. We absolutely love them coming in with a four-legged friend.

Our team wanted to share some pictures and some information on these dogs and also invite you to let us know if you ever want to bring your four legged friend to your next appointment. We guarantee them lots of attention, lots of “oohs and aaahs” and even one of Helen’s homemade dog treats!

Elsa – a long-haired german shepherd.

Our first four legged friend Elsa, came into the ARTHRO Health rooms for her first visit when she was only three months old, was perfectly behaved and slept through most of her visit! She has also had the chance to wear one of our post surgical grip socks after her own surgery. She brings so much joy and happiness to our patients Neil, Karen and Ben.

The much loved Truffy

Our patients Tania and Harry are like most owners of Lagotto Romagnolo‘s, totally smitten. No matter what mischief Truffy (named for his Truffle hunting skills) gets up to, he is showered with love. Truffy ensures both Tania and Harry get lots of exercise which has helped them achieve great results following joint replacement. Our ARTHRO Health team waited a long time to meet him and he was as adorable as expected and not an ounce of mischief. He posed beautifully for his photo!

Our four legged friend with the best name!

When our patient Natalie came in for her review following her recent knee arthroscopy, the first thing she said was “you have to see what my miracle pain relief was”. She showed us these photo of her long haired white french bulldog Marsha, surname Mellow! As a breeder of French bulldogs, Natalie has seen a lot of cute little puppies but this one is a bit too special and I have a feeling Natalie may find it very hard to give her up.

Not quite office ready Lenny…

Then there is our four legged friend, Lenny the Portuguese water dog. All of our patients will know the lovely Helen, who greets patients when they come to our East Melbourne rooms, makes them a drink, has a chat and may even share some home made treats with them. At a moment of weakness, she agreed with her family that they needed a dog. Along came Lenny…….He is smart, energetic and rather cute (these were all prerequisites) however, he is also stubborn and cheeky, hence he has not been allowed to accompany Helen to the rooms. He is however a great help when she’s working from home!

Hoping to meet this four legged friend soon

Our final four legged friend has not arrived as yet…….we really hope she/he gets to be a part of the ARTHRO Health team soon. Our Practice Manager Damien has his heart set on becoming a guide dog puppy raiser. He would catch the train with his puppy, bring it to work and make us all “ooh ” a little more! Next time you’re in the rooms, tell him it’s a great idea!

While there have been articles published on Animal Assisted Therapy, we know that our four legged visitors make us happier.