The Neuroscience of excellent sleep

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Joint pain leading to interrupted sleep is one reason patients come to see Andrew.

Sleep following joint replacement surgery

We are thrilled to have Stan Rodski’s wonderful book – The Neuroscience of excellent sleep sitting proudly on our table at our East Melbourne rooms.

Stan is a Neuroscientist, Researcher, Presenter and Author. He spoke with our team in Mornington recently about his new book. In this book, Dr Stan Rodski takes us through the fundamentals of sleep – how sleep works, why we sleep and how much sleep we need – but, most importantly, he gives us exercises to help overcome the bane of insomnia. In any endeavour, the key to achievement is proper preparation, and sleep is no different. Drawing on the techniques of mindfulness, meditation and relaxation, and the neuroscience that underpins them all, Dr Stan gives you the tools to prepare yourself (and your children) for an excellent sleep – and enjoy it!

Sleep is often a topic of conversation with our patients. Many of our patient’s complain about poor or interrupted sleep before joint replacement. They often discuss the impact that poor sleep has on their ability to do the things they want or need to do. Recent research shows the improvement in sleep quality following joint replacement.

If you would like further information on hip or knee replacement or to discuss the impact your painful hip or knee is having on your sleep, please contact our rooms.

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