Dr Andrew Chia’s public appointment.

Arthro Health

Recognition of 10 years of service.

Andrew Chia orthopaedic surgeon training junior doctors

At ARTHRO Health we see only private patients and Dr Andrew Chia only operates on our patients through the private hospital system. Dr Andrew Chia’s public appointment is at The Alfred hospital and he was pleased to received his certificate and pin recognising his 10 years of service.

He is currently on well earned long service leave from his position in the public health system.

During his time within the orthopaedics team at The Alfred hospital, Andrew has performed countless operations, discussed many complex cases with colleagues and had the opportunity to mentor and train many junior doctors. Training and supervising junior doctors has been one of his most enjoyable tasks at The Alfred.

If you are a patient wanting a referral to the public system, Andrew suggests seeing your regular GP to make the referral to the most appropriate public hospital for you. Your GP will have a thorough understanding of your medical history and this will be beneficial in referring you to the public system.

If you want to see Andrew privately, please contact our rooms and our team will help to find a suitable time. They will also ensure you have a current referral from your GP and also appropriate imaging to help Andrew assess your condition.

At ARTHRO Health we are here to help.